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The Frisson Wine Bar is located in the historic center of the town of Vernante, close to the Old National Road that crosses the village (today Via Umberto I °). The building in which the restaurant is housed was recently restored and dates back to 1649 and was also once a stop over for stagecoaches on the their way from Nice to Cuneo. In fact, the large entrance door is one of the few entrances in Vernante that was built specifically for the passage of carriages and horses so they could enter into the courtyard, where they were then tended to. The adjacent building dates back to 1727, as is written on the stone wall in Via Umberto I ° (which replaced the original fence).

Inside the Wine Bar there is a cellar which still has the original 17th century terracotta floor, ideal for the storing and ageing of wine.

A one time, all of these properties belonged to Rossi Stefano, whose heirs- Dr. Thomas, Notary Gioacchino and Carolina Rossi, sold them in 1887 to 3 different buyers, one of whom was my great-great grandfather Bertaina Antonio fu Pietro. It was then passed onto my great grandfather, Bertaina Pietro, and then to my grandfather, Giacomo and his sister Anna, known as Nina, who was the last person to live there. I later became owner along with my brother in 2009.The living quarters attached to the courtyard building have not undergone any substantial changes, therefore leaving them in their original state.

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